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Ben Hogan, Videos of His Golf Swing /

Ben Hogan has always been known as a pure swinger of the golf club. He worked at crafting his swing and spent many hours on the practice range, perfecting individual shots. He worked on the basics and grooved his swing. He then applied this knowledge to simulate golf shots on the course and worked over and over on them.
For a stretch in his career,
Ben Hogan was the greatest golfer of his time. It took him awhile to get there but he sure got there.

Watch these few videos of Ben explaining his swing concepts. These are special videos of the man taking you through the golf swing in his own words. Enjoy them and then tell me what you think. Ben Hogan is such a legend and seeing him in videos brings him up to our time. There’s nothing like a video to capture your attention and hold you there as you listen to his important points.

Here’s another great video showing Ben in action. Enjoy.

The Hogan Golf Swing analyzed. Approximately 10 minutes in length but worth it.

I plan to include many videos in the future and my next post will include videos showing Moe Norman, the Great Canadian Golfer. Moe was such a well known striker of the golf ball. Ben Hogan and Moe Norman were probably the two most consistent hitters of the golf ball.greatest golfer of all time,

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